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FAQ - Can you explain your service options?

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Can you explain your service options?
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Can you explain your service options?
AUDIO. This is our comprehensive audio enhancement and clarification service. Noise and distracting sounds are suppressed while quieter voices are amplified. The fee applies toward 20 continuous minutes, or less, from one audio file. Use the EXTEND service option for longer or additional portions to enhance. Use the ADD-A-FILE option to have additional audio recordings enhanced for this same case. Add the REPACK option if the audio came from a video file, and you want the newly enhanced audio to be inserted to that un-enhanced video (no charge for this service if we are enhancing both the audio and video for the same time segment from the same file). The enhanced results are delivered electronically (and mailed with the optional MATERIALS service). Add TRANSCRIPTION is desired and we will also provide a slower pitch-corrected version to aid in that task.

VIDEO. This is our comprehensive video enhancement and clarification service. Blur and poor lighting are corrected while details are amplified. The fee applies toward 20 continuous minutes, or less, from one video file. Use the EXTEND option for longer or additional portions to enhance. Use the ADD-A-FILE option to have additional video recordings enhanced for this same case. If the original video had audio, add the REPACK option and you want the newly enhanced video to include the un-enhanced audio (no charge for this service if we are enhancing both the audio and video for the same time segment from the same file). The enhanced results are delivered electronically (and mailed with the optional MATERIALS service). If you want the video to play at a slower speed, that is part of our optional STILLS service.

AUTHENTICATION. This is our comprehensive tamper-edit-authentication service. Pricing is based on a deep analysis of one recording up to 20 minutes in duration and up to ten specific suspected moments of concern. We examine structural (e.g. metadata, format, etc...) and data (e.g. Spectrographic, subsonic, noise profile, dynamic range, etc...) for irregularities and inconsistencies with known case facts. The results will come as a phone call or email. Add the REPORT service if you want a court ready presentation of our findings.

ADD A FILE. Use this option for each additional audio or video file, or separate file portion, up to 20 continuous minutes in duration where enhancement, authentication or measure service is needed for the same case. This option can only be selected as an add-on to AUDIO, VIDEO, AUTHENTICATION, or MEASURE services. Use the EXTEND option for longer recording durations to process. Files are delivered electronically (and mailed with the MATERIALS option).

MEASURE. Timing between events, Photogrammetry (size), or Videogrammetry (speed) measurements of a person, object or vehicle. AUDIO or VIDEO enhancement services may be required for accurate measurements. Price is per measurement.

EXTEND. Regardless of the length of your recording, we only charge service fees on the continuous section that requires our services. If that section exceeds 20 minutes, or you need work on a second section, then add the Extend option for an additional duration of up to 20 minutes, or fraction thereof. If we are to enhance both the audio and video spanning the exact same portion of a recording, this Extend fee is only required on the video portion. NOTE: Due to re-compression issues, files that have been edited to join non-continuous sections will always result in inferior enhancement results and do not qualify to avoid the Extend fee. Always send copies of the files as they were saved by the original recording device.

STILLS. One order of up to 50 stills (of your choosing) from the enhanced video will undergo additional enhancements and enlargement. You can select your images from any combination of enhanced videos that you have ordered for the same case. A slowed down and frame numbered video is provided to aid in image selections. The enhanced images are delivered electronically (and mailed on disk with the MATERIALS option).

RUSH. Standard enhancement services are complete within a week and delivered electronically (and upon disks mailed using the MATERIALS option). With the Rush option your enhanced files will arrive electronically within 24 hours of your order. Pricing is $200 per file or service that you need rushed.

REPACK. If your recording has both audio and video, unless you have ordered both AUDIO and VIDEO services for the same recording, your enhanced file will contain only the audio or video portion (whichever you purchased), but not both. With the Repack option, the enhanced audio or video portion will be merged back into the original recording. This process creates a new recording spanning the duration that we were hired to work on. There is no charge for this service if we are hired to enhance both the Audio and Video of the same recording. Pricing is $100 per file regardless of the recording's duration.

MARKING. Place a highlighting oval or an adjacent symbol that tracks a person or object. The fee is per marking oval or symbol for each continuous duration up to 5 minutes.

MATERIALS. Enhanced files are delivered through a secure self-expiring download link. Add the Materials service to also receive our results upon two identical court-ready mailed discs. If your order form requests the return of your original physical media, that item will be included with the mailed materials. Items are mailed by untracked USPS unless you provide a prepaid return mailer. Without the Materials option, all received items will be destroyed after 30 days. There is no charge for this service if you have purchased any of our services and include a pre-filled return label using your UPS or FedEx software.

TRANSCRIPT. A printed transcript provides a consistent understanding of what was said and by whom. Certified transcription is provided by a transcription company or certified court reporter that operates independent of our lab. The fee is $100 per ten minutes, or fraction thereof, of audio with a two week turn-around and a one time challenge. Work must be pre-paid and accepted "As-is".

IMAGE. Enhancement of a single electronic image (not a video still) from a digital camera. Results are delivered electronically (and mailed with the MATERIALS option). The Free evaluation service does NOT apply to the Image service.

HOURLY RATE. Only use this payment option if instructed by Forensic Protection. For example, Telephone time, field services, driving or any other unspecified service.

REPORT. A signed Rule-26, Affidavit or Declaration detailing the files received, services provided, tests performed, and expert opinions. "Affidavit" style (common in the Eastern USA) uses a correspondence format where all tests performed are listed prior to denoting any results and opinions. "Examiner" style (common in the western USA, and required for Rule 26 or a Declaration) uses numbered paragraphs where each test is defined along with its result, and then the summary opinions are listed (with CV and Fee schedule as ending exhibits). Examiner is the default style unless specified at the time of your order.

TESTIMONY. $500 hourly fee (paid by the deposing party) or courtroom time (if hourly billing was arranged in advance), plus a $250 hourly waiting or travel fee portal-to-portal (paid by the hiring party).

HAZARD. Video Clarification, video annotated (Marking - frame counter - timestamp), summary video (hazard cause, pre-event, post-event, alternating view, zoomed view, and incident), mailed evidentiary discs, and affidavit. Processing a second camera view (ADD-A-FILE) or receiving enhanced frames (STILLS) are an extra charge. Details.

EXPERT. Daily testimony fee due once we are named as an expert witness as a non-refundable retainer due per day, or partial day, of testimony or travel, and all days must be continuous. There is no extra charge for ground transportation (driving, parking, tolls, rentals, cabs, gas), accommodations and incidentals (meals, materials, tax, fees). Once named as your expert, preparation time (emails, phone calls, and document review) is $1000, owed immediately, which is applicable toward the testimony fee. Airline travel fees are not included.

SPECIFIC AMOUNT. Occasionally, your services will not fit into the choices listed on this page. For those times, select this option and choose a quantity equal to the dollars you are paying. In other words, to pay $250, select this option with a quantity of 250. MORE.

WHY WE CHARGE FLAT RATES. Hourly billing is unfair to the customer. As a professional lab, the incentive should be on our results, not the billables. We could charge for every phone call and email, and whatever hours we deemed applicable, but this would exceed our flat rate and annoy our clients. Flat rate billing allows us to spend more time on cases and lowers the fees that you pay.

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