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FAQ - Free evaluation...what's the catch?

Free evaluation...what's the catch?
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What files do I send to and what's the best way?
How do you enhance audio and video files?
How do you detect tampering and alterations?
What is your Reseller program?
What is your privacy policy?
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Free evaluation...what's the catch?
No catch. To accurately evaluate your audio or video file, an enhancement lab must first clarify a very brief portion of that file. The process only takes a few minutes and the lab will gladly email that enhanced item so you can make an informed purchase decision. Enhancement labs that skip this critical step are either guessing, or plan to charge you hourly for "mystery" results.

Are you dealing direct (lower costs) with the lab performing the actual work, or using a reseller (added benefits). There is also the issue of enhancement labs that expect clients to pay an "evaluation" fee just to determine whether or not they can do their job. Enhancement companies that are confident about their capabilities will never charge a fee to evaluate your audio, video or picture files. 

If you can see it or hear it, we can enhance it. Simply (Upload) or mail (13654 Victory Blvd., Dept #800, Van Nuys, CA 91401) your files along with a signed (Order Form). If your files require a special player, be sure to include that too. If you like our free evaluation results, you only purchase the services that you need using our Rates page. It is just that easy. If you need assistance, call (818) 375-1700 or email us.

Your requested services will be complete within a few days, and we offer a same/next day service option. Throughout the process we will use email and secure file transfer to communicate with you. You must notify us in advance by written instructions if you do not want us to use electronic delivery and email with your case.

You may have noticed that industry pricing varies wildly with no relevance to quality, and everything to do with supporting the life styles of the company’s leadership. While clients paid thousands of dollars per enhancement ten years ago, today a complete enhancement service (including extracted stills) costs just a few hundred dollars (Rates). If you believe that only a higher priced lab can produce high quality work, then just compare the free evaluation results from each firm.  If you remain committed to the concept that price must equal quality, then we will create a special rate sheet just for you.

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