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Media Events

Amelia Earhart (History)
07/09/2017  Image authentication and enhancement. "Amelia Earhart The Lost Evidence"
Forensic science rewrites the history books as we help solve the true fate of America's aviation sweetheart.

Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen (Syndicated)
10/28/2016  Video enhancement. "Shelbey Thornburgh murder"
"Houston Police, family plead for tips in unsolved murder of aspiring model"

Church Robbery (CBS)
01/22/2016  Video enhancement. "Church Robbery"
"Boyle Heights Church Donations Stolen From 80-Year-Old Parishioner In Robbery Caught On Tape"

PI's Declassified - Francie Koehler
07/16/2015 "Exposing tampered recordings and video enhancement"
When you receive a digital recording, do you know how to tell if it has been altered? If you cannot quite make out whispers, facial details, or a license plate, do you know what to do next? This episode explains how to detect and prove file tampering, how to prevent it, and the easy steps to enhance the details.

Crime and Science Radio
06/20/2015  "My Lying Eyes: Tampered Evidence and Industry Secrets"
The case depends upon a digital recording, but does it tell the whole truth? Can you know if an image, video or audio recording in discovery is a forgery? Join Jan Burke and DP Lyle as they welcome audio, video, and image enhancement expert Doug Carner to the show where he will explain how to detect and prove file tampering, how to prevent it, and the easy steps to enhance the details that can prove a case.

Security Guy Radio
02/10/2014  "CSI Audio, video & images enhancement"
Two students claim that their assailants were undercover officers. Video clarification showed what appeared to be a handcuff holster on the rear beltline of one of the fighters.

George Zimmerman - Trayvon Martin case (ABC)
04/02/2012  Audio and video clarification. "George Zimmerman: Enhanced Video Shows Injury"
George Zimmerman claims to have been in a fight for his life at the time of the shooting. Clarifying the Sanford Police Department surveillance video would confirm or deny signs of an injury from such a fight.

02/02/2012 "Audio & Video: Budget Conscious Evidence"
When should you hire a forensic audio or video expert? What are the related costs? How can the end results be pre-qualified before you make a hiring decision?

Dr. Phil (Syndicated)
11/03/2011  Voice print and audio expert. "Affairs, Lies and Audiotape"
Mario says he caught Christine cheating, on audiotape, but she denies the accusations. Who's really telling the truth?

Matthew Clark (CBS)
03/21/2011  Audio and video enhancement. "Matthew Clark"
Audio & Video "Clarification" with Doug Carner of ForensicProtection.com

10/21/2010 "Audio & Video Enhancement: Myths, Facts & Benefits"
What can be done when a video or audio recording is poor quality? What if the image is blurred? How about background noise that overrides the spoken word?


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