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Winning Cases

We are well known for enhancing the clarity of audio and video recordings. Here are some other ways we can help you win:

EXTRACT: Extract video and audio recordings from their proprietary player (e.g. vehicle cameras), for easy playback, zooming, and easy scene jumping without reliance upon feature-limited software.

AUTHENTICATE: Validate the authenticity of your audio-video exhibits to afford them greater evidentiary weight in the courtroom. Document errors or tampering in discovery exhibits (altered evidence is a common occurrence). We can help you compel best evidence, or write a report when spoliation has prevented the courts from receiving accurate evidence.

MEASURE: We can use your video to calculate size (e.g. suspect's height, object size), movement speed (e.g. injury case or vehicular) or timing (e.g. gunshots or determining accurate video speed).

CLEAN: Suppress distracting flashing lights (e.g. emergency vehicles at a crash site) and loud noises (e.g. sirens, radios or beeps). Redact as needed, and remove inaccurate logos or timestamps.

PRODUCE: Change the recording's perspective as if the camera had been repositioned to a more desirable location. Splice scenes from multiple camera angles to create a narrative timeline. Integrate supportive audio (e.g. 911 call) and images (e.g. a panning aerial satellite view). Track movement, highlight events, hide faces, or add annotation (e.g. markers, timestamps, or frame numbers).

3rd PARTY: Prepare audio-video files to support the most accurate transcription or voice/facial matching by other professionals. We can help you locate the right expert.

PRINTS: Receive images ready for poster sized printing with captions, or add on-screen transcription to your video. Create evidentiary discs and detailed reports for the courts.

INNOVATION:  Forensic Protection literally created the software relied upon by law enforcement and the forensic community. We invented specialized tools to emphasize seemingly invisible details, detect video manipulation, and have pioneered new methodologies. If you case needs something unique (e.g. joining hundreds of video clips, adaptive zooming, etc...), we have the skills to get it done.

TIME: Consult with us prior to deposing opposing parties and experts to formulate devastating questions. Mr. Carner is an experienced expert witness and powerful courtroom asset. He is an industry practitioner, educator and innovator of leading technology. His work is responsible for numerous favorable verdicts and settlements.

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