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Hazard package
Sometimes an injury results from a hazard that is too subtle to accurately detect while watching a surveillance video. Whether the cause is a small object, liquid, or moved obstacle, determining fault is always critical to a case's outcome. Our Hazard package is the solution, and it is only available to our repeat customers.

In lieu of an order form, you can provide us with he name of the case (for our records and invoicing), and the camera view and timestamp of the incident (if it isn't obvious due to a gathering crowd). If the time of the hazard cannot be determined or seen in the received video, you will be given the option to cancel this case as a FREE evaluation.

Otherwise, we will perform VIDEO enhancement spanning up to 15 minutes prior to the incident, until up to 5 minutes afterwards. This "enhanced" video will not require special viewing software and the location of the hazard will be highlighted. The enhanced video will also be annotated with a header displaying a frame counter - camera view name & timestamp (if the enhanced video lacks an on-screen timestamp). The enhanced video will then be set to play at exactly four frames-per-second and edited into a "summary" video that shows (in this exact order):

  The detected cause of the hazard (foundation is established through the following video sequences)
  Sequential video frames immediately before the hazard (frames with an unobstructed area view)
  Sequential video frames immediately after the hazard's appearance (also an unobstructed view)
  At alternating view of the before-after frames (improves visual detection of the hazard's occurrence)
  A zoomed-in replay of the alternating before-after view (removes any lingering doubts of hazard)
  Frames leading up to and inclusive of the moment of the incident (causation already established)
  Briefly pausing upon the moment of the incident (to support the summation of your case narrative)

The summary video provides a definitive narrative of what occurred, whether industry standards were followed, if the hazard could have been foreseen, and whether there was constructive notice. This video can be instrumental in encouraging a quick settlement or serve as compelling trial evidence. The summary video can be cross-reference to the enhanced version using the on-screen timestamp and frame numbers, and the enhanced video version will be consistent with the reviewed video version. In this way, a clear processing sequence is established.

Both resulting videos (enhanced and summary) will be electronically delivered to you with the option to stop (and be billed $695 for our VIDEO and MARKING services), or to continue with the remaining $975 HAZARD package, which also includes:

1. If the source of the hazard is stationary across dozens of video frames, then those frames will be integrated together to produce a clearer enhanced image (similar to the way that NASA deep space imagery).
2. The reviewed materials and provided services will be listed in a simple Affidavit (in engineering format).
3. The reviewed materials and enhanced results will be saved upon two identical labeled court-ready discs.
     A third identical disc can be included at no extra charge upon your advance request at the time of order.
4. The report, discs, and our invoice will be mailed to your office by standard non-tracked USPS service.
     For tracking, fax or email us a return label generated in your UPS or FedEx shipping software.

For the clearest enhanced results, we need to receive a copy of the video as it was saved by the recorder.
The added header timestamp retains frame-to-frame accuracy, but may drift from the true recorded time.
Requesting additional services will be priced per your order form. Below are some service options:
  $395  ADD-A-FILE service option for each adding camera view.
  $200  STILLS service option for one order of up to 50 enhanced stills.
  $250  HOURLY service fee for deviations from the standard summary video editing (defined above).
  $200  RUSH next day service per camera view, else normal processing time requires about four days.

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