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Bluhm Legal Clinic
Northwestern Law
Children and Family Justice Center

June 17, 2016

Doug Carner
Forensic Protection
5632 Van Nuys, #600
Van Nuys, CA  91401

Re: Jones

Dear Mr. Carner:

We are writing to express our profound gratitude to you for providing your company's video enhancement services on a pro bono basis in the above-referenced matter. It is often difficult for pro bono, not-for-profit legal clinics, such as ours, to pay the sometimes exorbitant costs inherent in obtaining video enhancement services. Those services, however, can mean the difference between a wrongful conviction and felony record, or freedom, for our clients. And, when our work involves a youth who may have been falsely accused, as we believe is the case in this matter, the consequences of a wrongful conviction can be particularly life-altering. While we do not yet know what the outcome of our case will be, we are certain that, if we are successful in obtaining relief for our client, it will be due in no small part to you and your colleagues' efforts. On behalf of all of us at the Children and Family Justice Center, thank you and we look forward to other partnerships in the future.


Shobha L. Mahadev
Clinical Assistant Professor of Law
Children and Family Justice Center
Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

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